Understanding Asian Handicap 1.75: How to Play and Win Big

Kèo chấp 1.75, also known as the 1.75 Handicap, is one of the popular Asian handicap bets in football betting today. In this article, we will help you understand what this type of handicap bet is and how to play it. These valuable insights will surely make it easier for you to achieve victories.

Understanding the basics of the 1.75 Handicap

The 1.75 Handicap, also known as the 1 3/4 Handicap, is a type of Asian handicap bet that is commonly used in sports betting. It is displayed as 1.75 or 1 3/4, depending on the bookmaker. This type of bet is based on the goal difference between two teams in a match.

However, the 1.75 Handicap is a complex type of bet that carries a higher risk, especially for inexperienced bettors. To play this type of bet, you need to consider the odds provided by different bookmakers to understand the goal difference between the two teams and determine the likelihood of different outcomes. Additionally, staying updated with the latest news and information about the teams’ conditions is crucial before placing your bets.

The advantages and disadvantages of the 1.75 Handicap

Like any other type of bet, the 1.75 Handicap has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Advantages of the 1.75 Handicap

One of the advantages of this betting method is that it ensures fairness with the odds of 1.75. It divides the teams into two equal parts, providing a balance between the teams with varying strengths. With a 1 3/4 odds, if the upper team wins by three or more goals, you will win the entire bet amount. However, if the upper team wins by only two goals, you will still receive half of your bet amount.

Another benefit of this type of bet is that you only lose half of your bet amount if the upper team wins by two goals when you bet on the lower team. This helps protect a portion of your investment.

Disadvantages of the 1.75 Handicap

In addition to its advantages, the 1.75 Handicap also comes with its own disadvantages. The odds for this type of bet are typically lower compared to other handicaps, reducing the potential profit for bettors. Furthermore, the 1.75 Handicap is less common due to the significant difference in the teams’ abilities and forms required.

However, with the right information, knowledge, and experience, you can leverage the advantages of the 1.75 Handicap to have a chance at winning big. Despite the relatively deep handicap, when you assess accurately and know how to use information, you can create an advantage and achieve high profits.

How to play the 1.75 Handicap to consistently beat the bookmakers?

The 1.75 Handicap is known for being a difficult and risky bet. Therefore, before joining the game, there are a few things that you should keep in mind provided by W88 to increase your chances of winning.

Understand the match information

When participating in the 1.75 Handicap, choose matches with a clear difference in strength and form between the two teams. These matches are more likely to result in a difference of two or more goals. Avoid betting on evenly matched or unpredictable matches, such as those affected by weather conditions, pitch conditions, or referees.

Additionally, research and select teams with an attacking style and good scoring ability. These teams can create more opportunities and put pressure on their opponents. Avoid betting on teams with a defensive and low scoring style. Typically, these teams tend to maintain the score and avoid taking risks.

Furthermore, choose stable and consistent teams in the matches when playing the 1.75 Handicap. These teams usually have stable form and are less affected by external factors. Avoid betting on teams that have irregular participation or can be emotionally unstable.

Teams with strong motivation and fighting spirit are also excellent options for the 1.75 Handicap. These teams often have a high fighting spirit and do not easily give up. Avoid betting on teams that have already achieved their goals or lack motivation to play.

Learn from experienced bettors

Joining online communities, forums, or Facebook groups about football betting with 1.75 Handicap is an excellent way to exchange and learn from experienced individuals. This is a great opportunity for you to gain practical insights and learn from those who have participated in football betting. Always listen and consider others’ opinions to make informed decisions in your betting journey.

Choose the appropriate odds

To increase your chances of earning profits in football betting, bettors should choose the 1.75 Handicap with reasonable and suitable odds based on their budget. To do this, compare the odds from different bookmakers to find the highest value bet. Avoid bets with excessively high or low odds without clear reasons, as they may carry higher risks and not guarantee profits.

The 1.75 Handicap is a challenging type of bet that carries significant risks, making it less suitable for beginners. If you find it difficult to play this type of bet, you can choose easier and less risky bets such as total goals, full-time result, or over/under bets.

Place bets when the odds stabilize

When starting to bet on the 1.75 Handicap, wait for around 15 minutes into the match before placing your bets. This gives you an opportunity to assess the match situation. If the upper team has a clear advantage and the handicap odds do not change, you can bet on the upper team. However, if the lower team has a strong defense and the upper team lacks significant attacking strength, consider betting on the lower team.

Choose reputable tournaments for the 1.75 Handicap

One crucial aspect is that you should choose reputable football tournaments for your bets. In these tournaments, you will witness the competition between strong and weak teams in the same group or round of matches. Prestigious tournaments such as the World Cup, Premier League, League One, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Euro, or Asia Cup usually offer the 1.75 Handicap for you to choose from.

Participating in bets within these tournaments ensures fairness and reliability during the betting process, as there is no pre-arrangement of results.


The 1.75 Handicap is always a popular choice for many bettors when joining W88. We hope that the playing experiences provided in this article will make it easier for you to place your bets. We wish you good luck in your sports betting endeavors, and may you achieve great victories when betting on the 1.75 Handicap.


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