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GAM Esport: The Success Story of Vietnam’s Finest

GAM Esport is not just an esports team, but also a symbol of success and excellence in the world of League of Legends (LoL) in Vietnam. With their impressive journey, the team has captured the hearts of fans and proved their caliber through numerous championships in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) – the highest level of competition for LoL in Vietnam.

GAM Esport began its journey under the name Tt Miracle Boba in 2014. From the early days, the team showed great potential and quickly gained the attention of the Vietnamese LoL community. However, constant ups and downs and necessary changes led the team to rebrand as GAM in 2017. The name GAM represents not only a symbol, but also embodies determination, fighting spirit, and excellence.

GAM’s peak is not limited to national success but is also a source of pride for the LoL community in Vietnam when participating in international tournaments. The team has competed in major events such as MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) and Worlds (Championship), where they faced strong opponents from different regions. The dramatic matches and unexpected victories in these events have helped GAM build its reputation on the international stage.

In their journey, GAM has carved their name as one of the top teams in Southeast Asia. Looking back at their glorious past, we cannot overlook their first steps as GAM and the heroic moments from the Boba Marines era.

GAM Esport’s history began with the name Tt Miracle Boba, which later became widely known as Boba Marines. Junie, the legendary captain of Saigon Jokers, was one of the pioneers who brought fame to the team. Saigon Jokers made history by winning the first Southeast Asia championship and participating in the World Championship, and Junie carried the winning spirit when transitioning to GAM.

Aside from Junie, GAM also witnessed the emergence of other legendary players like Archie and QTV. They were not only outstanding players but also champions who carried the fighting spirit and passion for LoL.

GAM Esport’s current standing is not just preparing for a new championship, but also a significant mission – winning the gold medal at SEA Games 31, representing the national team of Vietnam. The team is ready to etch their name in history once again, not only as GAM but also as a glorious national team. GAM’s glorious past serves as both a solid foundation and a pressure to constantly improve for all its members.

In esports, there is a familiar concept of “champion DNA,” and GAM is a living example of this. Each member, when wearing the black and yellow jersey, is not only a player but also carries the DNA of a champion. Despite difficulties, failures, or even personnel changes, GAM always returns with the strength of a royal bloodline running in their veins.

To maintain their momentum, GAM needs to focus on a few key aspects.

Firstly, team composition is essential when facing the top players from DK. However, the recent excellence of Canna, Levi, and their teammates has shown that anything is possible. To create magic, the team needs to function as a perfect organization and seize every opportunity.

Improvement in gameplay is crucial. Controlling the early game and creating surprises can be the key to success. Adapting strategies to counter DK’s changes, choosing strong champions like Xayah or Wukong for Levi, and maintaining unity and confidence will be vital.

With a talented roster and meticulous preparation, GAM Esport is not only a dominant force on the domestic stage, but also an outstanding representative for Vietnam on the global map. Fans at W88 are eagerly anticipating even more success from GAM in the future. The team will undoubtedly continue to shine and bring glory to esports in Vietnam.


  1. What is GAM Esport?
    GAM Esport is one of the top esports teams in Vietnam specializing in League of Legends. They have a rich history and numerous achievements in domestic and international tournaments.

  2. When was GAM Esport founded?
    GAM Esport was initially established under the name Tt Miracle Boba in 2014, and later rebranded as GAM in 2017.

  3. What are some of GAM Esport’s achievements?
    GAM Esport has won multiple championships in the Vietnam Championship Series (VCS), participated in international tournaments such as MSI and Worlds, and achieved notable victories against strong opponents.

  4. What is GAM Esport’s current focus?
    GAM Esport is currently preparing for the SEA Games 31, aiming to win the gold medal in the League of Legends competition as the national team of Vietnam.

  5. How can GAM Esport maintain their success?
    GAM Esport can maintain their success by focusing on team composition, improving gameplay, and staying unified and confident in their abilities.


GAM Esport’s journey is a testament to their dedication and excellence in the world of esports, particularly in League of Legends. With their rich history and numerous achievements, GAM is a force to be reckoned with both domestically and internationally. As fans, we eagerly await their future successes and the continued growth of esports in Vietnam.

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