Everything You Need to Know About Keno: Latest Updates and News 2024

What is Keno? How do you play?
If you’ve been playing Keno for a long time, do you understand everything about this form of gambling? If not, read the article below from the luckycola7 brand.

What is Keno: Overview

Keno is a lottery game originating from China, officially introduced in Vietnam on August 23, 2019, and distributed by Vietlott from Monday to Sunday. The lucky number drawing time lasts from 6:00 am to 9:55 pm, with winners announced every 5 to 10 minutes.

Keno tickets are continuously available during the lottery period, allowing players to participate at any time. Information about changes in the drawing schedule will be announced at least 5 days in advance to keep players updated. Although the rules of Keno are quite similar to traditional lottery games, the prize money is higher, attracting a large number of players. Thanks to its increasing popularity among lottery and gambling enthusiasts, Keno has become one of the most popular choices.

What is Keno: Overview What is Keno: Overview

How to Play Keno: Simple and Effective Strategies

Keno has three different ways of playing, each requiring players to understand and master each method. Below are the most detailed instructions for players to refer to.

How to Play Keno: Simple Style

Players participate in Keno by selecting numbers from 1 to 10 from a list of 80 numbers. Each time you participate, you need to buy a ticket with a minimum value of 10,000 PHP. If you decide to play and choose multiple numbers to participate in the draw, the amount must be a multiple of 10,000 PHP. This allows players to participate with flexible investments while still maintaining an attractive prize pool at an appropriate price.

How to Play Keno: Simple Style How to Play Keno: Simple Style

About Playing Keno: Large and Small Bets

In the concept of Keno, it is divided into Mini Keno and Large Keno with various ticket prices:
– Mini Keno: Choose 13 or more numbers from the number series 1 to 40, and the total of 20 chosen numbers must be 13 or more to win. For example, you will win if the total of the 20 numbers you choose, such as 04, 11, 34, 21, etc., is 13 or more.
– Large Keno: Players place bets from numbers 41 to 80 and win if at least 13 numbers out of 20 drawn numbers match the selected numbers.

What is Keno: Even-Odd Bets

With this Keno playing style, you can bet on even or odd numbers, with corresponding prizes as follows:
– Even Keno: If players choose 13 or more even numbers and win after 20 draws. For example, if you choose even numbers like 76, 60, 20, you will win if at least 13 numbers appear after 20 draws.
– Odd Keno: Players choose odd numbers with the condition that the total odd numbers do not exceed 13 out of the 20 results in each draw.

What is Keno: Even-Odd Keno What is Keno: Even-Odd Keno

Playing Keno: Tips from Experienced Players

To win in Keno and bring in more rewards, betting enthusiasts need to have their own playing strategy. However, if you are new and have little experience playing Keno, you can refer to the following tips from the luckycola7 brand.

Pay Attention to the Different Levels of Keno

An important aspect of Keno is understanding that the prize pool is divided into different levels, depending on the amount of the bet and the choices of the players. The choice of numbers greatly affects the level of success, as choosing less popular numbers results in higher rewards when you win. Therefore, the strategy of choosing numbers in Keno is crucial to optimize your chances of winning.

For example, if you buy a ticket worth 400,000 PHP and the numbers you choose win with a value of 4,000,000 PHP, the odds are 1 to 10. Instead of investing in Keno with high bets, a smarter strategy is to focus on tickets with higher winning odds. This approach ensures that your Keno experience is both exciting and rewarding.

Understand the Relevant Information about Keno

To participate in Keno intelligently, a fundamental factor but extremely important is to understand the nature of the game. Keno is considered a lotto-type game that is influenced by chance, so don’t rely too heavily on the outcome. If you encounter failure, stop and save the opportunity for another lucky day.

This playing style helps players manage their bankroll reasonably and save money for future occasions. Avoid trying to recover lost money as this usually leads to a loss of control and increases the amount of money you will lose.

Understand the Relevant Information about Keno Understand the Relevant Information about Keno

Apply the Rule of Nurturing a Number Series in Keno

Nurturing a number series over several draws is a playing strategy that many experienced players apply. Usually, the numbers chosen to nurture are those that have appeared less frequently in previous winning results. Players will establish a specific rule to nurture this number series over a period of 30 consecutive draws.

Based on experience, after about 6 to 7 draws, there is a possibility that the nurtured number will appear. However, there are cases where the number does not appear after several draws. Vietlott usually compiles information about the frequency of appearance for each number after each draw, helping players evaluate and select the numbers to nurture.

To apply the strategy of nurturing a number series over multiple draws, players need to use specific formulas and rules and have a certain investment capital to maintain this strategy. Therefore, not everyone chooses this method due to the high requirements for capital and patience.

Play Keno by Investing Wisely

Playing Keno intelligently requires self-control, financial management skills, and never betting more than the capital you have. Although Keno is a simple and easy-to-play game, it is important not to play beyond your means. In one day, there are up to 95 Keno draws, each lasting 10 minutes, which can lead many players to refuse failure and intentionally bet excessively without careful calculation.

When playing Keno, you need to learn how to control yourself and know when to stop based on your financial capabilities. Another important aspect is not to borrow money to participate in Keno. Remember, Keno is just a form of entertainment with attractive prizes, and choosing a smart investment approach with your current capital is the decisive factor.


The above article provides a general overview of what Keno is, which the luckycola7 brand wants to share with you. With the recent playing experiences, it is hoped that players will play this type of lottery game well to win as much as possible.