A Beginner’s Guide to Winning Big at Keno

How to play Keno is a topic that many newcomers are interested in. Keno is one of the lottery options offered by Vietlott, similar to Power, Mega, or Max. You can become an instant millionaire with Vietlott’s Keno lottery. But if you don’t have much experience, let Luckycola7 guide you through the simplified process of playing Keno.

Basic information about Keno tickets

Firstly, let’s understand what Keno tickets are. Keno is a fast self-selected lottery ticket by Vietlott, Vietnam’s lottery company. According to regulations, Vietlott organizes 96 Keno lottery draws every day, from 6 am to 10 pm, with each draw taking place within 10 minutes. Players can easily choose the desired numbers and quickly check the winning results on their tickets.

Currently, there are 2 main types of Keno tickets: Basic Keno tickets and Supplementary Keno tickets. Typically, they can be printed on the same type of ticket with the betting numbers, the betting amount, and the drawing session. The basic betting amount is usually 10k, 20k, up to 50k, 100k, 500k or 2000k,… Statistics show that Keno is a self-selected lottery ticket with a relatively high winning rate, on average, every 3 Keno tickets will win a prize.

Keno tickets can now be purchased through various channels such as Vietlott agents, e-wallets, websites/apps for purchasing lottery tickets, etc.

Detailed guide on how to play Keno for beginners to increase winning odds

For the Keno lottery, players can participate in 3 different ways: playing big/small, playing odd/even, and playing basic. Vietlott will randomly draw and select 20 numbers to determine the prizes. The different ways of playing Keno by Vietlott offer different ways of winning:

  1. The basic way of playing Keno
    Players can choose numbers from 1 to 80, with a maximum of 10 numbers and a minimum of 1 number, to create a predicted set of Keno numbers. The prize depends on the quantity and matches between the chosen numbers and the drawn results of Keno.

  2. Playing odd/even Keno
    With this way of playing Keno, players only need to choose odd or even when buying Keno tickets. After the 20 drawn numbers are announced, Keno will divide them into two categories: odd and even. If there are 15 odd or even numbers out of the 20, the player will receive a prize of 210k. If there are 13 or 14 odd or even numbers, the prize is 40k.

  3. Playing big/small Keno
    By participating in playing big/small Keno, players only need to choose big or small when buying Keno tickets, with small numbers ranging from 01 to 40 and big numbers ranging from 41 to 80. Keno will divide the drawn numbers into two categories: big and small. If there are 13 big or small numbers out of the 20, the prize is 56,000 VND. In the case of even/odd ratios being 10-10, 11-9, or 12-8, players will not receive a prize.

Playing Keno and winning with top tips from experts

Keno Vietlott is leading the lottery market today, but to have the highest chance of winning, players need to apply the following experiences:

  1. Assess the winning potential
    Keno Vietlott is a game of chance with different levels and diverse prize values. Players need to understand the prize value corresponding to each rank, noting that higher ranks have higher prizes. Choosing fewer numbers helps increase the chance of winning, although the prize value may be lower.

  2. Choosing numbers from recent draws
    Many players believe that winning numbers from previous draws can be repeated in subsequent draws. Choosing numbers in this way can increase the chances of winning for participants.

  3. Selecting consecutive number sequences
    Usually, the drawn results often appear as consecutive number sequences, such as 33, 34, 36 or 78, 79, etc. This is a Keno buying strategy recommended by experts. These numbers often repeat after every 6 or 7 draws, depending on the player’s experience.

  4. Remember the rules when participating in Keno Vietlott
    To become a professional Keno Vietlott player, the most important thing in how to play Keno is to take the time to track the results and understand your own playing rules. There is a specific time of the day when the predicted numbers often appear following certain rules. Recognizing and applying these rules requires keenness and quick decision-making from the player.

  5. Play within your means
    Playing Keno is simple, players just need to randomly choose a number from 1 to 10 or 01 to 80. Then, the computer will randomly select 20 numbers from a total of 80, and the results will be announced. Players check if their chosen numbers match the drawn number sequence. In the case of a match, you will receive the highest prize. Never exceed your financial capacity when participating in Keno.

Some frequently asked questions about how to play Keno

The demand for playing Keno is increasing, to have a clearer understanding of participating in this lottery, let’s find out more information about the following questions:

  • How to win in Keno?
    To increase the winning odds in how to play Keno, players should consider combining high and low numbers. This strategy helps include more numbers on the Keno ticket, increasing the chances of matching the drawn numbers.

Another method is to distribute number choices into different groups, for example, choosing from various groups like birth dates, ages, or important events. Diversifying number selections like this can improve the winning rate and chances of winning.

It is also important to carefully manage the betting amount in how to play Keno. Players should consider both the potential payout and the associated risk at different betting levels. Making smart decisions about the betting amount can maximize potential profits while maintaining an acceptable level of risk for each player.

  • What are the winning odds in Keno?
    When considering the winning odds in the Keno lottery, it is important to remember that they can vary depending on the number of numbers you choose and the number of matching numbers. In general, choosing more numbers will increase the likelihood of receiving a high payout, but it also decreases the chances of matching all the numbers.

For example, if you decide to choose fewer numbers, such as four or five, your odds of winning will increase significantly. This means you can receive a higher payout when matching fewer numbers.

To strike a balance between favorable odds and attractive payouts, many players often choose a moderate amount of numbers, usually in the range of 8-10 numbers. This decision helps optimize the chance of winning while maintaining an appealing payout. It is also important to note that each casino will have its own payout table, with the specific amount of winnings determined based on the number of matching numbers and the betting amount.

In conclusion, playing Keno is not too difficult but not too complicated either; it requires a thorough understanding and mastery of important tips. With each new game, each participation in the lottery with Luckycola7 and W88, players can easily bring home a win and get richer.


  • How to increase the chances of winning in Keno?
    To increase the chances of winning in Keno, players should consider a combination of high and low numbers. This strategy includes more numbers on the ticket, increasing the chances of matching drawn numbers. Additionally, diversifying number choices and carefully managing the betting amount can also improve winning odds.

  • What is the winning rate in Keno?
    The winning rate in Keno can vary depending on the number of numbers chosen and the number of matches. Generally, choosing fewer numbers increases the odds of winning, but the payout may be lower. Choosing more numbers offers the potential for higher payouts but decreases the chances of matching all the numbers.

  • Is there a specific strategy for playing Keno?
    While there is no guaranteed strategy for winning in Keno, players can increase their chances by selecting numbers based on recent draws, choosing consecutive number sequences, and understanding their own playing rules. It is also important to play within one’s financial means and to be aware of the winning potential for each rank.

  • How can I purchase Keno tickets?
    Keno tickets can be purchased through various channels such as Vietlott agents, e-wallets, websites/apps for purchasing lottery tickets, and more. Choose a reliable and authorized platform to ensure a secure transaction.

  • Can I play Keno online?
    Yes, there are online platforms that offer Keno games. However, it is important to choose a reputable and licensed online casino to ensure fair gameplay and secure transactions. Luckycola7 is a trusted platform where you can enjoy playing Keno online.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Keno tickets I can purchase?
    There is usually no limit to the number of Keno tickets you can purchase. However, it is important to play responsibly and within your financial means. Set a budget for your Keno play and stick to it to avoid any financial difficulties.

With these insights into how to play Keno and tips to boost your chances of winning, you can now approach the game with confidence. Enjoy the excitement and potentially lucrative rewards that Keno offers through Luckycola7, your trusted partner in the world of casino gaming.